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Canada Border Services Agency eManifest Implementation Announcement

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May 27, 2015

To help grow your business with faster, more reliable transit, CP wishes to remind customers of the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) eManifest timelines and requirements.
CBSA have announced enforcement of their mandatory eManifest pre-arrival cargo and conveyance data requirements for rail carriers will begin July 10, 2015.
CP implemented eManifest compliant system changes in June 2013 and has been successfully reporting to CBSA in an eManifest compliant format since that time.
CP wishes to remind shippers that the new regulations mandatecomplete address information for all parties named in your electronic bills of lading. This includes full street address, city, province or state, and correctly formatted Canadian postal code (“A2A 3A6” or “A2A3A6”), U.S. zip code (from five to nine characters in length), and country code information.
CBSA will not release shipments where this information is incomplete, incorrect, or improperly formatted. To avoid delay and additional costs please ensure that your shipment data submissions to CP are compliant with regulatory requirements prior to the July 10, 2015 deadline. Beginning January 10, 2016, non-compliance may result in the issuance of monetary penalties under CBSA’s Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS).
As further information theCBSA intends to drive pre-border data accuracy through eManifest therefore customers will be required to contact CBSA directly for any post arrival amendments to manifest data.
Should you require assistance with the submission of electronic bills of lading, please contact CP’s eBusiness support team at or Log an Issue (Website Inquiry) using CP’s secured website Customer Station.
Regulatory amendments supporting eManifest are published in Volume 149, No. 9 of theCanada GazettePart II.
For eManifest policy questions please contact CBSA directly attheeManifest Help Desk. Additional information can also be found on the CBSA website at

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